We are against putting slots at a family-friendly mall.

  • Slots don’t belong at a family-friendly mall.
  • Malls are for children and families.
  • Malls are not an appropriate place for gambling.

Traffic gridlock is coming to the B -W Parkway (Rt. 295) and Route 100

  • The existing traffic problem will get much worse.
  • The region cannot handle the increase in cars.
  • There is no place to park at the mall now.
  • They will build the Casino on existing parking lot.
  • They are not building enough new parking spaces.
  • Under construction, they will wipe out thousands of parking spaces.

There will be slots in Anne Arundel County

  • Slots are coming to Anne Arundel County-one way or another.
  • The purpose of Question A is to overturn a zoning decision by the Anne Arundel County Council that permits a slots parlor at Arundel Mills Mall.
  • The purpose of Question A is to give voters a choice – to let the citizens of Anne Arundel County decide where a slots casino should be located.
  • This is not a vote against slots.

No Slots at the Mall is a coalition of homeowners, citizens, community groups and businesses against placing slots at the mall.

  • All members are united and dedicated against putting slots at a mall.
  • Some members are against all forms of gambling including slots.
  • Some members believe that slots should go to the race-track.
  • Some members are against slots at the neighborhood mall.
  • The community is proud to have business partners to help fund this effort.