James’ Erotic Story

James is at his late teenage years. He was still a virgin until he was 17 years and always wanted his first experience to be unique and fantastic. James ever had a desire to be laid by a woman in her late thirties or early forties. It was hard to find such a woman in the society, and as a result, he contacted one of the popular escort sites in London. And after three days of research, James settled for Susan who was 36-years of age. The two agreed to meet early noon the following Friday.

James was in his room when he heard a knock at the door. He runs to open and was surprised by the beauty standing in front of him. “Hello I’m Susan, and you must be James,” she asked. “Yeah, I’m James, and you look sexy,” James replied. “Thank you! I’m all yours this whole afternoon you know. Will you handle the pressure I come with?” she asks as she pushes James towards the bed. On top of him, she was kissing him slowly with poses and a constant look at James’ eyes. “Today will be the best day you ever imagined,” she said as her hands unbutton his shirt. The two stripped naked as she gave James some erotic massages using her whole body. She knew how to touch, and all time through, his body remained aroused.

An awesome blowjob followed the massages until James cumed. She knew how to do the hand blowjob as well, controlling the grip of her hand and speed to tease his feelings. All James was left to do was to groan in the sweetness of what he was receiving. Things were getting better, and the climax was the sex time. The escort was terrific at all styles James wished to give a try. She knew that James was a teenager and looking forward to exploring his sexual tastes. In this way, she knew all style that would work for him.

When she was in control, she knew how to moderate the speed to ensure that James avoids quick orgasm. She was the most fantastic thing that ever happened to James. And for this reason, James recommends all boys willing to lose their virginity to try it with London escorts.

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